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2024aw Paris

We exhibited at the Welcome Edition showroom in Paris. maru sankaku peke exhibited for the third time this time. I always feel that Paris is full of glamour and excitement. This time, we not only exhibited at the show, but also visited a flea market and strolled around Paris, which we would like to introduce to you.

From early in the morning, one of the three major flea markets in Paris

I went to the Montreuil Flea Market, one of the three major flea markets in Paris.

The daylight hours in Paris at this time of the year are short and it is still dimly lit. I didn't find the vintage items I was looking for at the flea market, but I did enjoy the large number of stores lined up in a vast area.

Next stop was the Clignancourt Flea Market.

This flea market is known as the largest flea market in the world. It is a flea market where you can find antique tableware, furniture, knick-knacks, clothes, and all sorts of other things. The area is so vast that you could spend a whole day going around. There are also a lot of vintage clothes, which I enjoyed very much.

Paris is truly picturesque no matter where you photograph.

It is a wonderful city where history and cutting-edge fashion are in harmony.

We had a very productive day at the Welcome Edition showroom again, meeting many customers.

Thank you Welcome Edition.

Thank you Paris.





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